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Strawberry Cheesecake
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100g        - biscuits 
200g       -cream cheese 
200g        -yogurt 
4tbsp        -caster sugar
1tsp          - vanilla extract
2tbsp         -strawberry jam
100g           -strawberries, sliced

1 ,Put the biscuits in a plastic bag an using a rolling pin, bash them into chunky crumbs. In a bowl, beat the cheese, yogurt, sugar and vanilla till smooth. 
2, Use glasses or small bowls to serve. Divide the biscuit mixture into the glasses and then spoon over the cheese mix. Chill till you are ready to serve.
3,Stir the jam till loose and then add the strawberries. Top the cheesecake with this strawberry mix and serve.
4,Tip: Use whatever fruit you have at home, as toppings. For a delicious Banoffee version slice bananas and top with a spoonful of caramel sauce. Or crush raspberries and serve with peach for a Melba-style.
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