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Fish n’ chili fry
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Any small fish 500 gm

Red chili 100 gm

Ginger 2 pieces

Garlic 1 bulb

Onion 10

Green chili 5

Malabar tamarind (kudam puli) size of a small lemon

Oil as desired

Salt as desired

Curry leaves as desired


Clean the fish. Crush red chili, ginger, garlic, onion and green chili. Put this and the fish into a pan and mix well. Then add salt and Malabar tamarind. Pour some water and cook the fish well and remove from fire when the gravy thickens.

Heat oil in a pan and put the fish into it with its masala (red chili, onion, etc.) into it and fry well. With the juice of tamarind fully absorbed, the chili etc. is very tasty.

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