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Chicken Noodles soup
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  1. Chicken pieces with bone    ¼ kg

Water        4 cups

Ginger cut into long pieces     1 tsp

Water        6 cups

  1. Salt       1 tsp

Noodles       50 gm

Butter        1 ½ tbsp

Carrot        ¼

Onions (cut into ½ inch pieces)    ½ cup (2 no.s)

Small pieces of cooked chicken    ½ cup

Maida        1 tsp

Milk         ¼ cup

Salt, pepper powder      to taste


Cook chicken and ginger pieces together in pressure cooker for 20 minutes. Remove the meat from the bones and sieve the soup. Keep both separately.

Add salt to 6 cups water and when it boils thoroughly, add noodles. Once it is cooked properly, drain out the water. Melt butter in a pan and add maida to it and when it starts to froth, add milk and thicken it. Steam-cook onions, beans, carrot, etc. Add the soup, cooked meat, noodles and vegetables into the thick maida mixture. Boil and remove from flame. Add salt and pepper powder to taste and serve hot

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