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Chicken biriyani
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highly delicious food .

  1. Chicken     1 kg
  2. Basmati rice     1 kg
  3. Crushed cardamom    3 nos
  4. Crushed cloves    3 nos
  5. Crushed cinnamon    3 pieces
  6. Salt       to taste
  7. For frying:

    Onions      500 gm

    Small onions cut into strips   250 gm

    Kismis (raisins)    50 gm

    Cashew nuts     50 gm

    Curry leaves     1 handful

  1. To grind:

    Tomatoes (put in hot water for  3 nos

    some time and remove skin)

    Ginger      50 gm

    Garlic      50 gm

    Green chili     20 nos

    Vinegar     1 tsp 

  1. Powders:

    Turmeric powder    ½ tsp

    Pepper powder    2 tsp

    Powdered cloves, cardamom, cinnamon each 2 tsp

    Coriander leaves    1 handful

    Ghee or refined oil    as desired


    Put rice into boiling water. Add crushed cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. When the rice is cooked just right, add salt and drain out the water. Turmeric powder could be added to bring colour. Heat ghee in a pan and sauté the onions till golden brown. Separate the fried onions and keep aside the ghee used for frying it (To fry the onions crisp, add a pinch of salt when it begins to turn brown).

    Fry small onions, curry leaves, cashew nuts and raisins separately. Grind the ingredients with vinegar and marinate the chicken, which is cut into big pieces, with it. Add all the powders and if necessary add ½ cup water and cook. Once cooked, keep in high flame and dry out the excess gravy. Put the chicken into the ghee used for frying onions etc. and fry it well. Keep a big vessel on to charcoal fire and pour some ghee into it. Once hot, rotate the vessel so that the ghee spreads out to all sides. Then spread out a layer of cooked rice in it. Then put a layer of the fried items. Keep alternating them till they are over. Sprinkle coriander leaves in the end and serve hot. Pappad (crispies), pickle, salads and hard-boiled egg are the best accompaniments.   

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