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Karimeen Pollichathu
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Pearl spot, (locally known as karimeen) when baked in plantain leaf, becomes a highly sought after dish.

1. Pearl spots (medium sized) - 2 nos 2. Onion -1/4 kg, Ginger -1 piece, Garlic -15 flakes, Green chillies - 4 nos, 3. Tomato (chopped) – 4 nos 4. Chilly powder- 1 ½ big spoon 5. Turmeric powder -1/4 small spoon 6. Pepper powder- 1/2 small spoon 7. Cumin seed -1/4 small spoon, Vinegar - 2 big spoons, Salt- as required, Coconut oil- 4 big spoons 8. Cinnamon - 2 small pieces
Clean the fish and make gashes on both sides. Chop the second set of ingredients into small pieces. The fourth set of ingredients should be then made into a paste by adding vinegar. Place an appropriate vessel on fire and pour coconut oil into it. Add cinnamon to it. After a few seconds, remove the cinnamon from oil. Add the second set of ingredients to this oil and stir well. When the onion becomes golden brown in color, add the paste. When it all gets blended well in slow fire, add tomato pieces. Add two cups of water to this mix and let it boil. Once it boils, add salt and remaining vinegar. Stir well and ten put the fish to it. The fish should be allowed to remain in it till the curry thickens. The cooked fish together with the masala should be wrapped in plantain leaf and tied with the plantain strings. Bake the fish in a hot pan.
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