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Breadfruit Stew
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Breadfruit stew is an easy-to-make dish, highly relished by veggies.

1. Breadfruit cut into small cubes)- 2 cups 2. Oil- 1 big spoon 3. Cinnamon-1 inch long piece,clove-2 nos, cardamon- 3 nos, Indian anise(thakkolam)-1 4. Ginger(sliced long)-1 big spoon,green chilly ( split into two)-4 nos,curry leaves-2 5. Onion (cut into four cubes)-2 medium sized 6. Coconut milk (thin second extract)-2 cups, coconut milk (thick firstextract)-half cup 7. Curry leaf-1 8. Salt-as required
Heat oil in a vessel with thick bottom and saute the third set of ingredients in it. When properly seasoned, add the fourth set of ingredients and stir for about two minutes. Add onion to it. When the onion changes color to golden brown add the breadfruit pieces.Cook the dish with closed lid. Once the breadfruit pieces are all well cooked, smash them with a heavy spoon.Add curry leaves and thick coconut milk to it and wait for the first boil. Remove from fire soon after the first boil appears.
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