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Folded Chappathi
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Are you in a mood to try out a new recipe for dinner? Here’s the right choice. Surprise your family with these special chappathis. Roasted in ghee, so

01. Wheat flour - 2 cups
02. White flour - 1 cup
03. Water (luke warm) - 2 cups
04. Salt - to taste
05. Ghee - 2 tbsp
01. Knead the wheat flour, white flour and salt with luke warm water to a dough.
02. Now divide the dough to lemon sized balls and roll out to thin chappathis.

03. Dab a little ghee on the inside of each chappathi and fold from all four sides inward to form a thick square shaped chappathi.

04. Grease a griddle with some ghee and cook the chappathis over a low flame till both sides cook evenly.
05. Serve hot! For once forget the calories and sit back and relish the taste.
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