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Bread Pudding
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Try out this age old recipe with bread and then just sit back and see how your kids love to eat.



Sugar - 3 cups
Butter - 100 g

2. Milk - ½ to 1 cup
3. Chopped cashew nuts - ½ cup
4. Bread - as per consistency required
5. Eggs - 3 Nos

6. Sugar - ¾ cups
   Milk - 3 cups
   Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp

7. Powdered sugar - 2 tbsp
8. Fruits (any) - If required


1. Preheat oven to 180?C.
2. Heat the first set of ingredients in a pan on a medium flame till the sugar dissolves into a golden syrup, remove from fire and keep aside.

3. Warm the milk and then add to the syrup.  Add the nuts.

4. Dress the bread pieces taking off the rough edges, cut the slices to small squares and arrange on an oven safe platter. Bake for a few seconds but make sure the bread pieces do not turn brown.

5. Grease the pudding dish and neatly arrange the bread pieces in it. Pour the milk, butter and sugar syrup mix over the bread pieces and keep aside for a while. You may add more milk if too dry.

6. Separate the white and yolk of the eggs. Whip the egg white with the powdered sugar and keep aside.
7. Heat the egg yolks with the sugar, milk and vanilla essence to make custard.
8. Once the custard thickens, take it off the fire and add in the whipped egg whites mixing well.
9. Pour this mix over the bread pieces and bake for 30 – 40 minutes.
10. Decorate with pieces of fruit of your choice and serve hot.

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